Hi everyone! My name is Zahra Nur Nadhira a  pure Javanese girl from Surabaya. As you read it on my profile widget (if only you’ve read it on the right side of the home page), I’m a 90’s kid and proud. Currently studying in architecture department. A perfectionist? Yes, I am. A little bit nocturnal. A hard worker (I hope so….). Green is my favorite color I guess, it’s kind freshen up my eyes, second is brown, the love gains whenever both of them is combined. I love writing stories, the idea always comes so sudden and that makes me so excited either impatient to get my pen and write the story as soon as possible. I love painting too, even I’m not really good at it *sigh*. At least, it makes me so happy. Being happy is important, right? It doesn’t matter if you get sad, pain, upset, angry, or anything else in the beginning of your time,  as long as you will get the happy ending, it’s fine, right? You know, sometimes happy ending is not something that can be reached so easily. We need the thing called…..’effort’, I guess? Sometimes…the period that has been taken by the effort we make need much time. Yeah, I mean, good things cannot be reached instantly. Sometimes, everything that you instantly get will never last long. The thing is, could you be patiently wait for that? Are you ready for doing kind of unpleasant things in the beginning for reaching the pleasant things in the end? I hope we can do that, for the happy ending, why not?
       Gosh, I’m sorry for writing those things about happy ending i know you must be uninterested to read -_- as I said before, I like to write everything that suddenly come into my mind. I hope you are enjoying my blog! Btw, I don’t have any certain reasons why I made this blog. Please give me comments, critics, or anything else for the post I’ve made. I’m waiting for ya! :)


Zahra NN

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