Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

Nothing. Just Unimportant Thoughts in Mind.

She was alone.
Sitting and thinking about what would she do next day.
What would be happening and would she become happy with it.
She just sat quietly, starring up to the magnificent night sky, wondering someday she would become the happiest person on earth.
Dreaming about having a friend that would willingly hear her unnecessary rambling whenever she would talk to.

No, she didn't blame God at all.
She was poor but a good girl, indeed. 
She kept patiently waited, waited for the right time that God would embrace her.
Comfort her.
Let her free from everything that is burdening her shoulders.

Until, he suddenly came and sat next to her.
He was a stranger to her, startled her a little but fortunately she could bear it down.
But deep down inside her heart, she was completely happy.
She was smiling, but she hid it from him.
She would like to speak, but then he surprisingly said,

"Excuse me girl, but what problems that bring you up here?"

She became terribly shy. She just didn't know what would she say then.

"I just moved 2 days ago. To be honest I just pass this road, observe this new neighborhood for me and suddenly I see you sitting here in the middle of night. I think that's strange so I just come up."

She kept in silence. She was confused and nervous, but really, she would like to speak.
That was the first time for her getting someone asking for her situation.

"Hmm sorry, I think I disturb you. Nice to meet you so.."

"Wait! I'm sorry." she stopped him before he left. Fortunately, he came back and sat next to her again.

"I.. I just want to relax myself. I've got so much pain in the ass that was striking me these days."

"Oh," he said. He was changing his sitting position, and continued the words. "Sorry to hear that, but actually I got so."

"Are you kidding me?!" she was shocked. "I thought I'm the one."

Then..the hours passed, day changed, a lot of things were saying till they forgot about everything. Tears, laughs, they were enjoying every minute of it till they forgot to end it up and say goodbye.

"Wow, how fast the day changed, isn't it?" she smiled brightly. She was never feeling as happy as before.

"Yeah," he answered, "I think I've got my eyes puffy now, sleepy-head."

They laughed again, together.

Then, he was standing up, stretching up his arms and looking towards her.

"So, should we meet again next time?" ask him politely.

"Anytime." she smiled.

Well, that's the best days yet in her life. 
Of course her mood suddenly lifted up that encouraged her to do everything cheerfully.
Until she was remembered that she forgot to ask his name and his address.

"Oh, such a fool!" fumed her. But, that was already happened. Then, she was breathed a sigh of calmness, and thought about God has heard her prayers.

Yes, she was crying, and that were tears of joy.
She couldn't stop praise the Lord, show how gratitude she was of His mercy after such a long time waiting patiently.
Then she knew, having a friend is such a countless blessing that she couldn't even ask for more.
Then she slapped her cheek, try to convince herself that it weren't a dream.
Thank God, she said smilingly, made her believe in Him more.

God will always remember and love everyone who is remembering Him.
And also -- the ones who are patient too.
So, keep patient, then God will love you, and grant you with happiness and blessings that no men could ever give!


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